9-Yr-Old Activist Takes Lemonade Stand to Oklahoma for Tornado Relief June 13-14

MEDIA ADVISORY — OKLAHOMA CITY (Updated June 5, 2013) – Lemonade stand activist and entrepreneur Vivienne Harr’s Father on Facebook: “When I showed Vivienne what happened… in Oklahoma… She looked me right in the eyes and said: ‘We need to make a stand for them.’”

Vivienne Harr of Make A Stand LemonadeWHAT: Vivienne Harr, age 9, is bringing her world-traveling lemonade stand to Oklahoma to raise relief funds for the children devastated by the recent tornados.

WHEN: June 13-14, Times TBD

WHERE: Oklahoma City, Moore, Shawnee, El Reno (TBD)

WHO: Vivienne Harr, age 9, child slavery activist, entrepreneur for lemonade startup Make A Stand, Inc. SPC (http://www.makeastand.com) along with her father Eric.

Vivienne is making a stand with the Shawnee Youth Coalition (http://www.shyoco.com/)

WHY: 20 children died in the recent tornados, 91 people overall. Vivienne’s campaign is aimed at empowering children around the world. Last year she saw a photo of two boys working as slaves in Nepal and started a lemonade stand to raise money to free them. She raised over $100,000 for anti-slavery group Not For Sale. In August Vivienne is flying to Nepal with the photographer to visit these boys.

Many people ask, can one person make a difference? Vivienne: “Gandhi was one person. Mother Theresa was one person. Why can’t you be one person?”

HOW: Vivienne would like to talk to the survivors to see what she can do personally as part of her ongoing efforts to end child slavery. She would like to set up her lemonade stand in a busy area and ask people to purchase lemonade, paying “what’s in their heart” to help the children of Oklahoma. People can share her journey via social media to help raise even more relief funds from around the world. Learn more about Vivienne’s story at http://www.makeastand.com/company/viviennes-story

DONATE/VOLUNTEER: http://www.makeastand.com

INFO: Jeff Crilley, (214) 226-3327, jeffcrilley@yahoo.com

Alex Campbell, cell 707-217-3089, alexc@makeastand.com


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