Documentary #standwithme Follows 9-Year-Old Activist’s Lemonade Stand to End Child Slavery

Vivienne Harr Makes A Stand to end child slavery

FAIRFAX, California (June 3, 2013) – The story of a 9-year-old girl’s lemonade stand against child slavery is the subject of a new documentary in production called #standwithme by Stillmotion Originals ( of Portland, Oregon.

Last year 8-year-old Vivienne Harr of Fairfax, California saw a photo that changed her life, two boys her own age in Nepal carrying granite slabs strapped to their heads and backs, holding hands to comfort eachother. #standwithme follows Vivienne’s awakening to child slavery, and her decision to free those boys and others like him by raising donations through a lemonade stand. With a little help from her family and father in social media, Vivienne started selling lemonade every day, rain or shine with a social purpose business model allowing customers to “pay what’s in their heart.” After 173 days she met her goal of raising enough funds to free 500 children from slavery.

But with more slaves in the world, Vivienne made a profound decision to keep going, turning her lemonade stand into a movement empowering children worldwide to make their own stands. She is turning her lemonade stand into a social purpose lemonade company, Make A Stand, Inc. SPC, that will continue to sell lemonade with proceeds to end child slavery.

Vivienne’s stand against child slavery has attracted numerous benefactors, including award-winning production company Stillmotion, a team of filmmakers based in Portland, Oregon.  Stillmotion won their fourth Emmy Award this year documenting the story of the Chardon High School shootings.  The company also holds film workshops for student filmmakers creating films for charities.

vivienne-harrStillmotion named the documentary #standwithme, using the Twitter hashtag # to help fuel Vivienne’s movement on social media. Stillmotion’s goal in sharing Vivienne’s story is to raise awareness of the existence of child slavery and inspire others to do their part in aiding the fight to end child slavery.  On their blog, Stillmotion writes that #standwithme is a rally cry for the world to no longer accept child slavery in any form: “Roughly 27 million people are enslaved today in different countries across the world, and 18 million of those people are children. Putting an end to this kind of oppression is going to require global participation.”

Stillmotion has embedded a crew with Vivienne on all her lemonade stand adventures.  They have visited Vivienne at her home in Fairfax, California. In May, #standwithme was with Vivienne as she appeared on-stage at a photo exposition in Orlando with anti-slavery activist Lisa Kristine whose photograph of the two boys in Nepal was the inspiration for Vivienne’s making her stand.  In August, Vivienne is planning to make a humanitarian mission to Nepal with Lisa Kristine to meet the boys in person, and #standwithme will be there to film her experience.

Stillmotion has launched a production diary on Facebook with daily notes on their activities filming Vivienne. The production diary gives an inside look at documentary filmmaking and will be a good resources for both filmmakers and human rights activists like Vivienne.

Make A Stand, Inc. SPC is ramping up to go into production on Vivienne’s own pink lemonade recipe with plans of using only organic, fair-trade ingredients.  She and Stillmotion invite people to pre-order Make A Stand Lemonade at

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