Vivienne, age 10, joins forces with Olga, age 89, for Nepal Women Entrepreneurs

2 women activists, age 10 and 89, partner to help former women slaves in nepal start businesses

Vivienne Harr and Olga Murray

Make a Stand Lemon-aid and Nepal Youth Foundation Join Forces for the Freedom Loan Fund Campaign — Part of a Strategy to Help End Child Slavery

Sausalito, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2014

World famous 10-year old social entrepreneur Vivienne Harr and her company Make a Stand Lemon-aid will help lead The Freedom Loan Fund Campaign, a month-long effort to raise $40,000 for a micro-loan fund that is helping young women who grew up as child slaves in Nepal start their own businesses.

More than 12,000 girls have been rescued from the Kamlari system of slavery by the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF), founded in 1990 by Olga Murray of Sausalito at age 65. At age 89, Olga is still working each day to improve the lives of children in Nepal.

Together, Olga and Vivienne will raise money for the business co-op loan fund that is helping thousands of freed Kamlaris build a better life and lift their communities out of poverty so that slavery will never happen in Nepal again.

With help from a co-op loan program funded by NYF, the freed Kamlaris have formed 37 business co-ops with over 2,600 members. More than 750 members have started their own small businesses with help from a co-op loan, and they’ve already reinvested $40,000 back into their loan fund.

“Vivienne loves the Nepal Youth Foundation, so she will make a stand for them using the Make a Stand mobile app.”

But the loan fund can’t keep up with all of the former Kamlaris who want to start a business, and there are hundreds of eager young women on the co-op loan waiting list.

Make a Stand Lemon-aid has pledged to raise $20,000 this month for NYF’s Freedom Loan Fund Campaign. NYF will work to raise another $20,000 and match the Make a Stand pledge. Together, they’ll match the $40,000 that co-op members have reinvested in the loan fund on their own.

Vivienne will be using a beta version of the new Make a Stand App mobile crowdfunding technology, which allows anyone to “make a stand — wherever you stand” in just 3 steps and 30 seconds from their phone.

“We’re making this great new app so that anyone can make a stand for what they believe in,” said Vivienne. “With the Make a Stand app, you don’t have to be big or powerful to change the world. You can be just like me!”

Eric Harr, father of Vivienne and founder of Make a Stand, Inc., said “We’re developing a simple, mobile technology to that allows anyone to choose their cause and make a stand — wherever they stand. This technology makes good on the long-held promise that one person can change the world. Vivienne loves Nepal Youth Foundation, so she will choose a photo of the Kamlari girls and make a stand for them using the Make a Stand mobile app. It will be beautiful to behold.”

Kamlari co-op success stories
After being rescued from Kamlari, Mina entered NYF’s program to make up the schooling she had missed. She graduated high school and went on to beautician training in vocational school. Mina opened her own salon with a co-op loan, and now offers haircuts, facials and more — and earns up to 1,000 rupees a day, which is helping her stay in college and work towards a health degree.

Kamala spent seven years as a Kamlari, working under terrible conditions. NYF rescued her in 2004 and put her through school and vocational training. With a loan from the co-op, Kamala started her business fixing motorcycles and selling parts. Now has two employees and is bringing in 5,000 rupees a day (good money there) and employees two men.

A Kamlari for five years before NYF rescued her, Asmita now tills her own fields with her family by her side. “Before we had to work in other people’s houses,” she said. “Now we work our own land.” After high school, NYF sponsored Asmita in an agricultural training program, and then she started her farm with a co-op loan. She’s also trained 40 other former Kamlari in farming to help ensure their independence.

About Nepal Youth Foundation
The mission of the Nepal Youth Foundation is to transform the lives of impoverished Nepali children by providing them with what should be every child’s birthright — education, housing medical care, and loving support. Founded in 1990 by Olga Murray at the age of 65, NYF has served more than 100,000 impoverished Nepali children and their families.

About Make a Stand Lemon-aid
Founded in 2013 by nine-year old Vivienne Harr and her family, Make a Stand, Inc. is a certified B (public benefit) corporation with a vision of a world where all 18 million enslaved children are free and safe. Make a Stand is building a global brand platform and giving 5% of all gross sales to organizations that lead the way in eradicating child slavery.


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