Little Miss Sunshine is Off to Oklahoma!


Eric Harr on Facbeook:

When I showed Vivienne what happened to those precious people in Oklahoma, she sat silently for about a minute. She looked me right in the eyes and said: “We need to make a stand for them.”

So, as we’ve done for 344 days in a row, we’re following her. Miss Vivienne is going to set up her little lemonade stand amidst the destruction. I have no idea what lies ahead, but I know it’s the right thing to do. A ray of sunshine and a helping of hope is what this world needs.


National Lemonade Day August 20

When you search Google for ‘National Lemonade Day 2013’ only one day of the year comes up, Tuesday, August 20th.  Try it.

We’ve got lemonade on the brain here at Make A Stand and I’m always trying to think about the next big lemonade stand and was looking forward to August 20th.

So I was a little bemused today to see this video from Bailee Madison with a public service spot on YouTube asking people to register their lemonade stands at for Lemonade Days June 7-9.  Lemonade stands are about as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chrevrolet.  Here’s Bailee:

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We’re Making A Documentary… And You’re Coming With Us

We’re Making A Documentary… And You’re Coming With Us

Still Motion Blog

Okay, we can’t hold it in any longer.

The Stillmotion team has officially begun making our first original, completely independent feature-length documentary!

We’re so pumped!

It’s something we’re diving into head first, because we’ve been inspired. Inspired by a young girl who is actively changing the world as we speak.

We’re putting everything we have into this project because we believe in the spirit of everyone involved, we’re passionate about the story, and we’re damn excited to make this movie.

As you all know, we love to share our experiences with our filmmaking buddies, so we’ve got a lot in store for the months to come.

Basically, we want to pull back the curtain on what it takes to make a documentary from scratch. We want to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at each day of production.

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Empowered women make nations strong

Celebrate Solutions: Empowering Aspiring Female Tech Workers in Kenya

Women Deliver

(CNN) — Sometimes a number can put a complicated truth in simple terms. Here’s one: 20%. A child whose family budget is controlled by the mother is 20% more likely to survive.

Why? Women know what’s best for their families. They make health care, nutritious food and education priorities. But most women in developing countries don’t control household budgets, and many also don’t control the circumstances of their own lives. If women everywhere had the power to determine their futures, the world would be forever transformed.

This week I will attend the Women Deliver conference in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll be joined by more than 3,000 people who have dedicated their careers to empowering women and girls. The specifics of our work differ, but we’re all united by a single, powerful idea: Empowered women and girls will save lives, make families more prosperous and help the poorest countries in the world build stronger economies. Continue Reading at

9-Year-Old Ending Child Slavery with Bottled Lemonade

Presenting at Bay Angels Dinner in Sausalito April 18

Larkspur, Calif. (April 11, 2013) – Make A Stand, Inc., one of the first social purpose companies in America and vanguard for a new generation of for-profit social businesses, will be presenting to the Bay Angels investment group in Sausalito at the Spinnaker Restaurant, Thursday April 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm.

vivienne-harrVivienne Harr, 9, along with her dad, best-selling social media author Eric Harr, will be giving a presentation on “Why Social Media is the Most Significant Shift in the History of Business,” as well as a vision on where Make A Stand is going as a company.

Alongside the exciting story and opportunity with Make A Stand, four other innovative bay area startups will be telling their story to Bay Angels. The event is a showcase for early investors to become involved on the ground floor of each of these companies. Previous presenters at Bay Angels include the now famous Open Table. “We welcome angel and accredited investors, fund managers and members of the venture community to hear and attend,” said Bay Angels founder Roger King.

Lemonade Stand Raises $500,000 to end child slavery

Vivienne Harr of Make A Stand Lemonade

Vivienne has raised over $500,000 to end slavery by selling her “lemon-aid” rain or shine for over 290 days in a row. Make A Stand started last year when Vivienne saw a photo in Lisa Kristine’s book Slavery of two Nepalese boys, roughly her own age, carrying giant slate rocks with straps across their heads. Knowing this was wrong, she was inspired to do something to help. As she says: “Compassion is not compassion without action.” Since then she’s been “making a stand” at her lemonade stand where she asks people to “pay what’s in their heart.”

Although Vivienne exceeded her initial fundraising goal of $150,000 in 2012, she won’t stop until her mission is accomplished and child slavery is ended in her lifetime – one bottle at a time. When her parents said: “Honey, you reached your goal. You’re done,” Vivienne asked: “Is child slavery done? Then, I’m not done.”

So her Dad, Eric Harr, formed the company, Make A Stand, Inc. “to bottle the movement.”  The goal is to produce Vivienne’s lemonade in bottles by next month, and to hit the shelves of grocery stores within weeks. Make a stand. End child slavery here:

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For more information on Make A Stand and a list of locations Vivienne will set up her lemonade stand, contact:, 415 827 3073,

To register for the Bay Angels event, visit

For information contact Roger King at 415-328-7526 or