Vivienne Tweets from the United Nations

A precious tweet from the United Nations Social Innovation Summit:





#standwithme in sharing Official Movie Trailer

Don’t miss this historic event, the beginning of the end of child slavery.  On behalf of Make a Stand, Vivienne Harr and the production team at Stillmotion Originals, #standwithme and share the official trailer on social media with the hashtag ‘#standwithme’

National Lemonade Day August 20

When you search Google for ‘National Lemonade Day 2013’ only one day of the year comes up, Tuesday, August 20th.  Try it.

We’ve got lemonade on the brain here at Make A Stand and I’m always trying to think about the next big lemonade stand and was looking forward to August 20th.

So I was a little bemused today to see this video from Bailee Madison with a public service spot on YouTube asking people to register their lemonade stands at for Lemonade Days June 7-9.  Lemonade stands are about as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chrevrolet.  Here’s Bailee:

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